1970 Triumph T120 Bonneville

For Sale

Many people consider the '69-'70 Triumph T120 Bonneville to be the high water mark
of the venerable British twin.
This super sharp, super performing example was mostly , but not 100% restored a few years ago (many of the chassis/ body parts were in good condition and reused) It has been ridden about 3000 miles since the work was completed.
Some of the features of the overhaul/restore/rebuild are: a completely rebuilt engine. Nothing was spared to make this a truly great running engine that would last a long time. All engine internal wear items (bearings, pistons, cylinder head parts, clutch and primary chain, all seals/orings etc were replaced with new. A new high output alternator stator was installed. Even the oil pump was replaced with the vastly better working Morgo rotary pump.
The carburetors were rebuilt with the throttle slides resleeved and then rejetted and tuned on the dyno. This is one of the smoothest/best running Triumph Twins you will ever ride!
The frame was power coated and all normal wear items replaced. The wheels have Barnett stainless steel spokes, new bearings and tires. Swing arm bushing's, steering head bearings etc. were replaced. The forks were rebuilt. One of the few things not replaced (customer always meant to, but didn't?) were the rear shocks, it could use some new/ better ones! The exhaust headers were new, the mufflers stock. Misc small parts were reused from the original (and stock) cycle.
The paint work was done by the legendary painter, Mallard Teal!
The engine and most of the repair type work was done by a long time (over 35 years) Triumph rider/mechanic for the customer, who was a personal friend. The owner did much of the assembly himself.
If you've ever wanted to own a classic ('69 and '70's are the best) Triumph Bonneville, this is your chance to own one of the great ones!

Drive it home for only: $11, 500!