1983 Yamaha XT 250

For Sale

An extremely nice '83 Yamaha XT-250, which was only driven 1100 easy street miles before being converted to a fun, low maintenance ice racer. Not as modern (or fast) as some, but in excellent condition and professionally converted to ice use. Has been used for less than an hour since the conversion. Some of the modifications include: forks and rear shock lowered from shock height (easier to corner). Intake and exhaust have been modified, carb has been re-jetted for cold weather use. The tires are well set up for ice use and the screws are in like new condition. Hand guards (bark buster type) have been installed, as well as a dead man switch. All maintenance items have been done: engine tune up, engine oil and filter change, fork oil has been changed and cables and pivots have been adjusted and lubed. Over $1000 worth of labor and parts. A great (almost new) bike with correct modifications!
Lookin' for a way to have some mc fun during the long winter? Buy this great bike and do some ice riding/racing! Almost too much fun to be legal!

$1500.00 or best offer